Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reach Out and Touch Us. Uh, You Know, Virtually.

Just a quick blurb about getting in touch with us- we have Skype and iChat here at the house, and would LOVE to hear from you! (Send me an email if you need our ID, of course.)

Here's a rough idea of our schedule right now, in case you are one of the folks that has already added us on iChat or Skype:

7:30-8am NL - Waking up, getting Megan ready for school, walking to school (12:30pm-1am US CST)
8:45am NL - Kari gets back home, except Wednesday which is market day (1:45am US CST)
12:00 noon NL - Megan gets out of school Fridays (5am US CST)
12:15 am NL - Megan gets out of school Wednesdays (5:15am US CST)
1:15pm NL - Megan gets out of school every other day (6:15am US CST)
2pm NL - Megan and Kari are home from walking back from school, GREAT time to call during the week(7am US CST)
6-7pm NL - Kip home from work most days, theoretically dinner time (11am-12am US CST)
8:30pm NL - Theoretically Megan's bedtime Sun - Thurs (1:30pm US CST)
11pm NL - Theoretically Kari's bedtime (4pm US CST)

The weekends are the best time to contact us for those who don't have the flexibility to call during the mid-day in the US. I will keep a calendar of video chat appointments so we don't forget and run to ee-KAY-uh when you're trying to get ahold of us- we can't wait to hear from you!

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