Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008, A Year In Quick Review

I believe that having a blog makes you a better procrastinator. Having something to put off over and over and OVER again makes the off-putting all the more easier and, really, worthwhile. Also, I have started an afghan for Megan that I MAY finish before she is in college, if I stop sleeping and blogging. I'm sure her great-grandkids will love opening it for her. Seriously, it's gonna be huge, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and I'm at that point where it would just be sad to back out now.


2008, In Short

About 285% of bloggers do a recap of their previous year, a jaunt down memory lane to build a sense of closeness with their new readers, and to draw repeat readers in with inside jokes and stories. I'm not your typical blogger, as I do things like ignore my blog for a month and then get all upset when I don't average 12 hits during "the lull." But, for what it's worth, here's a quick run-down of 2008:

Oh my gosh! We MIGHT be moving! I KNOW! We'll know more in two weeks! I mean, in two MORE weeks! Uh, make that two more weeks. Um, I'll let you know if we know. Ok, yes! We MAY be going! Yes, that's different than might! I'm going to quit my job in preparation for the move! Crap! Two more week- make that months! Bureaucracy is awful! Waiting is hard! Yay- we finally have a date for our flight-wefoundahouse-ohmygod,wehavetopacktheoldhouse-we're here?!? Ok, did you know that the kids here ONLY speak Dutch? Ow! My finger! Ah, a bike, and freedom. Thank god, I have an American neighbor, with kids. Cheese, beer, chocolate - now visitors? Who is that with Santa? More visitors? Who is blowing up the neighborhood? Happy New Year!

Now, To Catch Up

So much has happened in the last month- the Yoburns were here, and Kathryn, and then there was Christmas and New Years holidays, and in between we ran all over the place hosting our guests, showing them not only the places we know, but a few that are now favorites. And, of course, I brought my camera (thank goodness- or I wouldn't have remembered what we saw when!). Here's the first installment of catching up- this may take a few posts to accomplish!

The Woods and Kerstfeest

Tew and Jesse arrived on a Wednesday, and as international flights make you wish for sleep pretty much the minute you land, we tried to keep them awake as much as possible that day. Well, I say we- Kip did most of the work as I had a photo gig that day, taking portraits at the ESCGH Christmas party. (Which was total bedlam, and not worth talking about much past that.) Megan and I came home to find two sleepy Yoburns at home, and we sat around talking and playing games until 8, the official bedtime of Megan and everyone who comes to visit from the US on their first day here.

Thursday Megan had school, so I took Jesse and Tewlyn into the woods- Tew took a run, Jesse and I photo-dorked out like old times.




After we had our fill of the gorgeousness that is the woods, we ran home in time to pick Megan up from school, make some dinner, and to greet Kathryn who had arrived while we were out. To keep Kathryn awake, I decided to take her along to Megan's school Christmas dinner (no separation of Church and state her, folks), which turned out to NOT be for the family but for the children only- completely foreign concept for me, but since I had the camera along I was welcomed in enthusiastically (everyone loved the Sinterklaas photos) and fed as I photographed the children that evening. It really was lovely- the ambiance of Christmas combined with the classroom setting, it was cozy and warm, nurturing- I can see why Megan is so comfortable at school and with her teacher.




Next... Barfing flu AGAIN? And more adventures with company. Stay tuned!