Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Just another hang-around-in-your-pajamas-kind-of-Sunday.

We finished initial construction on the doll house...
(Bob Vila, eat your heart out.)

Skyped/iChatted with a few folks...
(you'll notice I am in the lower right corner)

but basically just hung around and did a lot of nothing.

We have polished off the first of three jars of peanut butter- I may have to start rationing it so that we can make it until we have visitors from the States in November.
One Down, Two To Go

Mostly we just lazed around, enjoying this warm, sunny day.

Oh, and we had a hartstikke lekker dinner: (that basically means super-awesomely good)
Coca-Cola, American Style



Anne said...

The dollhouse looks great!! So where do you buy your peanut butter, or does it matter what kind? We'll have to start making a list of what to bring with us.

I am now set up with video skype, Dad is still trying to get his video to work but can talk, and Mom has skype without video. If she starts giggling when you call her, just be patient, it should pass after a few minutes. I can't explain it, she just starts giggling when her skype rings. :) Hee hee.

patti said...

I love the doll house. Kari, you are so clever!
Oh, I can explain the giggling and skype....but, it would take too long. I'm really not as silly as Annie makes me sound. :-)

Kari said...

Ha ha ha! I can't wait- I bet the explanation will be fun. :)

The peanut butter description will make me sound high-maintenance. It's from HEB. They don't have it at Central Market, Kroger, or any other store so far as I've found, and we've become totally ridiculous and particular about peanut butter. The brand in the photo is our favorite.

I have y'all on our calendar for tonight- looking forward to seeing you all!

Karin said...

Hey Kari! Just found your blog and read through it for the most part. So interesting to read about your first experiences here...
Hope your finger heals quickly. Ouch!

Kathryn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the doll house - that's awesome! Now, really impress me and make some furniture for it... =)

It was so great to see your faces today, even if the audio was a bit garbled. John hooked me up with a calling card so I can call you for only 4 cents per minute. Totally going to pick up the phone this week.