Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 6 - Wrapping Up

We got up EEEAAAARLLLYYY this morning and had breakfast in the Airport with our great friends Scott and Stacey Hutchison- it was great to see them, even for just a short layover (they were flying back to the US from Germany, business trip for Scott with Lockheed Martin). Megan managed to douse herself in hot chocolate, poor kid, but was good humored about it (it was the only dress I packed for her, and she had lamented wearing jeans any more when she realized she was going to have to change, but changed her tune when I reminded her we had one pair of overalls). We headed back to the hotel and I dragged Megan down to the breakfast buffet where she ate a small piece of bacon and one bite of a pancake- this kid is going to starve to death if we don't figure something out quickly.


We went to one of Kip's co-worker's flats in Leiden this afternoon for her son, Daniel's first birthday party. Elaine and her husband are Irish, and the bulk of the folks at the party were, too, and it just made me realize that Irish people are just darned good looking. Plus that accent- it is so graceful and beautiful; I think it lends more to good looks. There were 2 little one-year-olds, they were so different and both so beautiful- big chunky cheeks and baby fat everywhere. The food and company were just lovely, we are so glad to have friends here in the Netherlands.


Oh, and the best thing of all? Elaine's husband shoots Canon. There was another photographer in attendance, a Nikon shooter, and it was nice to see that the rivalry is an international phenomenon. We tried not to make him feel inferior.

After the party we headed straight back to our favorite cafe here in Alsmeer, and our waiter from Megan's Sleeping Dinner greeted us warmly. We had a nice, leisurely dinner and made our way back to the hotel to pack and get to bed early. I can't believe the week is already over- it feels like it was 100 years ago that we were dealing with Anke, and yet at the same time it feels like we just got off the plane yesterday.

The most wonderful thing that could ever possibly have happened today and did?

Megan said, "I don't want to leave the Netherlands. I want to stay here." Suddenly, every nickel of her plane ticket was well spent.

See you in a few days! Holy tuna- WE HAVE TO START PACKING?!?!?

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Anne said...

So are any of these good looking Irish people male, 30ish, and single? :) Not likely since it was a kid's b-day party, but a girl has to ask.

Did you both breathe a sigh of relief when Megan said that? I sure did, and maybe even got a little tear in my eye.