Thursday, November 6, 2008

Company, Round 1!

Kip and Megan are off to work and school, respectively, and now I am bustling around the house getting those final things taken care of (like washing the bath mats and sweeping the stairs ONE more time) because family is coming to visit us! Wahoo!!!!! To say we are excited is an obvious understatement- Megan hopped all the way into class this morning and told her teacher "Oma and Opa and Auntie come today!"

Flickr Upload Overload
I decided last night to take care of the odds and ends that I had photographed and neglected to upload so that if I put-off uploading photos while we had guests I wouldn't be too far behind. So there are a few shots of moving day, our trip to Haarlem last weekned, and our celebration of Megan's 5 1/2th birthday now up on my photostream, the link is over in the sidebar called "Flickr Photo Site" or you can click on that crazy changing photo-box thing there and it will take you directly to a photo page. Enjoy!

Ok. I'm off to buy a floor lamp so that our guests won't be sitting in the dark this afternoon at 5pm- the days are getting to be so short! I can't imagine what December 21st is going to be like- 5 hours of daylight, maybe? Six? It should be interesting for us sun-loving Texans. Tot ziens for now!


Anneke said...

Have loads of fun!
And the daylight, the sun will rise at 08:46 and set at 16:30, so that's 8 hours of sunshine (if it shines, obviously). :D

See this website (in dutch, good to practice ;) )to calculate the times:

JM said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I could be there too. I will be there in spirit!

So glad you guys are having family in town! Say hi to Megs and Kip for me.

daninhouston said...

Hey Kari.. i am glad everything going well for you.. i have emailed you several times on your gmail account but u have never written back.. what is up with that. your friend and former co-worker

Kari said...

Dan! It's because I suck at returning emails. Glad to hear from you!

daninhouston said...

So I see you have settled in.. Yea I am jealous of you guys.. I wish I was over there too!! So are you guys coming back to the states any time soon