Sunday, November 9, 2008

Big Picture Upload - Update Coming Soon

I just sat down and plugged the camera in to upload, and wowzas- 425 images in the last 4 days! I'm sure I'll surpass that in Paris next weekend, and thankfully I have all this week to go through and pick out the good shots from this batch.

We've had a fun visit so far- we went to the woods, the farm, Haarlem, the pancake house, and back to the woods and farm for good measure. Company is packing up for their 6am cab to the airport, they're catching the train for France tomorrow at an ungodly hour, and we have a short week this week, as Megan has no school on Friday. PARIS! We are all so breathless with excitement, it seems like a dream that we're getting to go again, and to show the Megster JUST how big that Eiffel Tower really is.


Kathryn said...

That's only 106 shots per day...

Kari said...

True. That is light for me- I can rack-up 800 in an afternoon if I'm not too careful.

Or if Jesse has a cookie sheet.