Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Stuff Is HERE!

Wooo! I've been unpacking for four days!!! With 94 boxes (this includes furniture an beds and the like) I knew it would take awhile, but it's here! It's really here!

Things We Were Surprised To See: (aka, the "Who Packed This Mess?!?" List)
- Key to the liquor cabinet (sorry Kathryn!)
- One of Megan's rain galoshes
- Kip's Bonfire axe handle
- Kip's high school letterman's jacket
- Carved wooden embellishment from top of liquor cabinet
- Umbrella toothpicks, wrapped with care in paper
- One Spode dinner plate
- Two Haviland china dinner plates
- Kip's softball shoes

Things We Were Excited To See:

- Our kitchen knives
- Our drinking glasses
- My warm clothes
- Megan's entire bedroom, complete with furniture AND toys
- Our bed
- Our down comforter
- Our pictures and artwork
- Our movies!
- Mixing bowls, dinner plates, flatware- basically everything from the kitchen


Jesse said...

Hooray for stuff!

We think it's funny that you guys left a load of dishes in the dishwasher :-)

Kathryn said...

Of course he needs his letterman jacket and axe handle - that way when people laugh at him for being named for poultry he can show them how cool he is, or beat them up.

I'm glad you left dishes in the dishwasher - The grey bowl is my favorite cereal bowl now. And the princess cups are perfect for when Jesse and Tewlyn bring a bottle of wine over!

Kari said...

Yeah, I'm glad we only have 4 chairs, 'cause that's about how many full place settings of stuff we have.


Moving is AWESOME!