Sunday, September 7, 2008

You'd Think I'd Forgotten My Blogger Password Or Something

I'd like to say, "Boy! What a week! I was SOOOO busy I just didn't have time to sit down and write!" but then my pants would instantly catch fire. The later part of the week I spent right where I am right now- at the computer, not out doing anything interesting or photographically noteworthy at all. I worked on my CV (Dutch resume) and applied for a few jobs. I know, but put away the no-doze, 'cause it's not gonna be one of THOSE kinds of posts from me this time.

Still Jetlagged And Other Mind-Blowing Developments
Yeah. They say that your body takes one day for every hour of time difference to overcome jetlag. Whoever "they" are- apparently they haven't traveled. Ever. Especially in the "X-hours Ahead" direction.
Wednesday, Megan came home from school, ate lunch, then took a giant nap like she hadn't in ages. At least 2 hours. I, of course, checked her every 30 minutes to make sure she wasn't suddenly burning up with fever or throwing up or anything weird, and thankfully she wasn't. I eventually wrote it off as Megan still trying to adjust to the time change, poor dear. She has still been so bleary-eyed after school in the 3-6pm hours, and she perks up around bedtime. If she weren't five, I'd be loading her up with coffee in the morning, like I do to myself.

But OH the rattiness! Everything that can be an argument is an argument. Things that might surprise you are an argument. What toothpaste to use. SHE WILL NOT WEAR JEANS, ONLY DRESSES. And what's for dinner? Oh, that's the grandest argument of all, what with it's nightly guarantee! If it's not peanut butter and jelly, well, get ready for a war mister. I'd like to say that I've just been letting it all run it's course, knowing full well that these outbursts and misbehavings are all part of her trying to learn to cope here, but I won't lie. Fortunately, after being mad at me she will hug me- it seems that no matter how angry she gets with us, she still needs a hug from mom or dad.

It's a good thing she's cute AND sweet, otherwise she'd be in a lot of trouble.
(This photo is living proof that no one within 100 miles of Megan can stay un-wrapped around her little finger. Seriously, you can see why we're in so much trouble here, can't you? How can you get mad at THAT?)

Market Day
I remembered to bring my camera with me to the market on Wednesday, and then totally stuck out like a dorky tourist the entire time I was there.
As my bags grew heavier, I missed more shots, until finally I just swung my camera over my shoulder, bought a giant stropwaffel (still hot) and marched home. So my strategy for this week is to shop first, then return with camera and business cards (in case of questions) and wear something that looks more professional than jeans, a wind breaker and my dorky American running shoes.

Will Work For... Lenses?
As I said earlier, I applied for a few jobs, two of them with Canon. (Oh, yeah.) I have no idea if I will hear anything, so this coming week I am going to track-down the relocation service's pamphlet about helping spouses find work, and I'm going to see if they can pull any strings to get an interview for me. Oh, how awesome it would be to work for Canon. It makes my stomach do little loopty-loops just thinking about it! Not that I'd totally work there just for a discount.

I'd like to keep going, but I am just blah. I'm not totally sure what it is- probably a combination of exhaustion (we have the world's most uncomfortable bed right now), missing home, culture shock, and some identity crisis to boot. Back home I was just starting to really get into a grove with my business, and now I'm gun-shy. I'm pulling together a little package for some ex-pat contacts for holiday portraits, and market research has been a beast- nobody publishes their prices here. I just realized on Friday that I probably should be searching using DUTCH keywords (DUH, KARI) instead of english- finding "Netherlands Photographer" or "Dutch Professional Photography Association" is not easy when the sites are all in Dutch. I do have to say this: thank God for Google Translate. And coffee.

Another Week Over
It feels like we have been here for ages now. It's strange- I keep over estimating how long it's been since I've been in Houston, must be that life was so hectic and frantic in it's pace for so long that now things are more "normal" it feels like time is double it's normal value. I keep telling myself, "Once X happens, then things will start to feel normal again." Arriving in the Netherlands. Getting over jetlag. Getting chargers and power cords. Getting Megan into the school routine. Not injuring myself for more than 2 days in a row. Finding work. Having our belongings arrive. Learning some Dutch. Making some friends. Getting some photography gigs. Seems like the list is never-ending... I suppose it will end with "Fly back home."

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Heather said...


I stumbled on your site through LinkedIn--> your photography site--> your Netherlands site. I hope you don't mind me lurking out here. What an incredible (and stressful) journey you're on!

Megan is definitely the cutest child ever (well, maybe she's tied with my nieces), and your photography skills (or is that skillz?) are amazing!

- Heather (Hunter '95)