Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shock and Awe(some)

Well, folks, we're really going. Kip got the offer from BMC today for the transfer, and of course he took it. The departure date is pretty aggressive - June 1. The only thing that would end the deal now is if the relocation package was horrible. And it would have to be REALLY horrible, like, "Hey, you guys have a canoe, right? How about a family ROWING TRIP to the Netherlands instead of a flight? You could pile a barge you make yourselves as high as you want with your belongings! No hassles at check-in!"


I just keep saying to myself, "Good Lordy- I'M MOVING TO EUROPE."


CosmoPolitician said...

oh awesome! i can tell you all the best shops to go to! (clothes, not hash!) :-)

just dropped some serious cash at FEM in the Jordaan:

shaneandkrissi said...

Yeah Guys !!!!! I am very happy for the both of you! I know you have both been looking forward to it for a long time now. The last time I saw Kari I ask her about it & I could tell she was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. Her shoulders slumped. I BETCHA' THEY'RE NOT ANYMORE! Congrat's again guys- & Kip; GOOD SHOW, SIR! -Shane.

Anonymous said...

Woot! You kids try to behave yourselves in Amsterdam. But if you decide not to, don't worry -- whatever it is, it is probably legal.

Love you!

Etoi said...'s going to be hard to remap your keyboard all the way in Amsterdamn.

Kari said...

Mon - you are AWESOME. I am so glad to know where to shop before I even get there!

Shane- thanks, brother. Now, when are y'all coming over?

Laura - Ain't that the truth?

Clay, I'm sure you'll find a way. Your nerd ninja skills are mind bizzoggling.