Friday, March 28, 2008


Ok, so here's the deal.

We have been told to start planning our move to Amsterdam.
(insert squeals of glee followed by instant and gut-wrenching panic here)

Now, this may NOT happen- they are working on the financial details right now, making sure that we can afford to eat and have heat when we move over there. But if the numbers work out, we're Amsterdam-bound in June!

So far the story is as follows:

-The job transfer to Amsterdam has been approved all the way up the ladder to the CFO of both BMC America AND BMC in EMEA. This is very exciting on many levels. ("They like me! They really, really like me!" shouts Kip.) The length of our stay will be 2 years, with an option to stay longer if we would like.

- Kip may move over as soon as June 1. If we find an opening in a school, Megan and Kari may go then, too. Otherwise, Kari and Meg will stay state side to finish her school year and take care of wrapping-up all the lose ends here in the US.

- We are very excited, panicked, honored, sad, worried, elated, overwhelmed and flabbergasted about this.

- There are about 11,000,000 things we have not thought of yet, and I am very ready to hear what you, your uncle, your old boss' co-worker, a random person at the grocery store, the girl who babysits your dogs older step-sister's ex-husband, or any other person you know of who has experienced a move overseas has to say on the matter.

- It's looking like Andy will most likely go and live with Grandmommy and Granddaddy Noser, and Sadie will most likely go to Border Collie rescue so she can be placed in an environment that is suited to her needs and energy level. (This is one thing that breaks our hearts most.)

- We are going to miss everyone terribly, and we demand that you all come over (not necessarily at the same time) and stay with us so we can take you to all sorts of cool places all over Europe.

This will be our news headquarters for the Amsterdam Relocation, and then this will serve as a weblog of our time there- subscribe, RSS, whatever so you get updates, or just check back every once and awhile to see what's new.

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