Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stuff I forgot.

Wow, it's amazing what 8 hours of sleep and a shower can do for you- I feel like an entirely new human being. Thought I'd make a quick note of a few things that slipped my mind before we go get breakfast:

1) Belgian Chocolate makes Godiva taste like Hershey's. We paid 8 Euros for what I would have paid $30 at Godiva, and the difference is indescribable.

Amsterdam-Day1 037

2) The only bike riders that wear helmets are racers, Lance Armstrong types. I did see one kid in a ride-along seat wearing a helmet, but everyone else was without. Megan actually pointed that out to us.

3) The sun was setting when I went to bed at 10pm last night, and was up before 5am. WTF.

The clock here says 20:50, 8pm and the sun is still a shinin' like crazy.
Amsterdam-Day1 052

4) Megan wishes that our house could have room service.

5) The Dutch word for chicken (the animal, not the scaredy-cat) is "kip." It's fun to see how many times Kip's name is on the menu, and in combination with what other words:
-the fun goes on!
Amsterdam-Day1 030
Off to see what mysteries await at the breakfast buffet!


JM said...

OMG! Kip = chicken! Ha ha! Now that's funny. Bring back some chocolate please. :)

Courtney said...

I was just thinking the other day if Kip would go by Christopher while he was there... never knowing about "Chicken"

Anne said...

I've always known that Kip = chicken. :)

Bring back chocolate!

I wish my house had room service, too.

Give Meggie a huge hug for me.