Friday, May 30, 2008

No real news...

So, we're still waiting on stuff. Mostly letters and contracts and stuff that need to be signed and faxed before they will start processing our visas. They have changed our "YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE THERE BY" date from June 1 to August 1, so the theoretical plan (since we have no visas or anything and don't know how long until we will have them) is to visit in mid-June to find a school and house, and then move in July sometime.

In the meantime, Megan's last day of school was today, and it is officially summer at our house! With about $100 worth of crafts in a paper sack, I hope to make it through the summer without incident. We have her enrolled in a summer camp, too, so I can keep up with my photography business and all the lose ends that will soon make themselves known around here.

Hopefully we will know things like dates and such in a few more weeks. Waiting is just so AWESOME! It makes for very boring and monotonous blogging.


Party Of Five said...

Hey Kari,
We were in journalisim together at RRHS. I saw your news on the alumni website and decided to come visit your blog. Congrats on the upcoming move. How exciting! Is this a permanant move? Would love to keep in touch...I am going to add your blog to my "blogs to read" section of my blog..come visit mine anytime. www. Sincerely, Carrie Waters Osburn

Kari said...

OMG! Carrie! I'll email you!